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 Why You Should Hire an Attorney
In recent years, the process of buying and selling a home has become increasingly complex. Retaining a qualified, competent real estate attorney such as our Batcha & Batcha attorneys at the outset can save you costly mistakes throughout the process. Ideally, you should bring us on board before you make a purchase, and we should consult together before you sign any document. At the very least, if you feel you must submit or accept an offer to purchase before your attorney has the opportunity to draft or review the offer, be sure the document that you sign contains an attorney review clause which allows your attorney to cancel or modify the contract within 3 business days.

At Batcha & Batcha, your real estate attorney will be the glue that holds the complex process together. Among other things, we will:
 Provide an overview of the process and the attorney’s role in that process;
 Draft, review, explain and/or negotiate your contract to purchase;
 Discuss timing and possession issues, including matters relating to your current lease if      you are renting;
 Communicate and negotiate repair issues related by your home inspector;
 Examine the title commitment and survey to determine that you are purchasing the     property contracted for, without encumbrances or title defects you have not agreed to     accept;
 Explain contract contingencies, if any, and monitor deadlines to make sure those     contingencies are met;
 Explain mortgage financing options;
 Verify and explain tax and other closing figures;
 Attend the closing explain the mortgage documents and settlement statement to you and     assure proper transfer of title; and
 After the closing, file all necessary documents to assure you have acquired clear title to     your new home
Much of our work will be behind the scenes, arranging the closing and monitoring the progress of the other members of your real estate team to ensure that the purchase progresses as well as possible
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