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“The Closing Management System   has greatly increased   communication, organization, and   client involvement – which are key   factors to a successful   transaction.”
Francis E. Batcha, Esq.
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 For Realtors - Close Faster
How many times have you had to call an attorney to get a copy of a letter, confirm a closing or just ask if we are out of attorney review? Documents get lost in an office or sometimes you’re traveling and you just need to check on the status of a transaction. Now with our new Closing Management System you can check on your transaction no matter where you are and at any time 24 hours a day. You will have instant access to the contract, attorney correspondence, mortgage commitments, title work, and can keep track of important dates like inspections, mortgage contingencies and closing dates and time simply by logging in. You can also print copies of any relevant documents and post messages to the site to facilitate communication between all parties. I am sure you will find that our Closing Management System will be a helpful tool in the closing process for you and your customers. Our firm has invested a lot of time and money to develop this system and website so that we can improve the closing process for all parties and while our primary goal must be to serve our clients, we feel that real estate agents may gain the most from our new system because they can use it over and over again on each transaction that they are involved with. As a partner in successfully closing real estate transactions we appreciate your valuable feedback as we launch this new system.

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